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Okay Boomer!

Yesterday, I began the journey of becoming my own client by applying for Medicare.

For ten years, I have been educating and guiding other (mostly) Baby Boomers through the process, avoiding pit falls, and what I call the "Medicare Maze" without the benefit of having done it for myself. Now that I'm officially in my "Initial Enrollment Period", it's time to get it done.

If you are getting ready to turn 65 this year, and you don't plan to retire from a job that provides excellent and affordable healthcare, or you think that Medicare would be more cost-effective for you, now is the time to start planning!

Please don't wait until you're in your 70s...There are late enrollment penalties that will pile up on you until you either can't afford them, or can't afford not to enroll. Even if you are like me, and you don't go to doctors on a regular basis, or you don't take any prescription drugs, you will still find a plan that will keep you healthy. I can help you do that!


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